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2023-24 FCAI Larry Nedrow Scholarship

The FCAI Larry Nedrow Scholarship was created by the NIPDI Board of Trustees to further educational development within the market served by NIPDI contributing contractors. FCAI scholarships are offered on behalf of the finishing industry. It is not required that the nominee/applicant contribute to the NIPDI fund, be related to a NIPDI contributing contractor, or have any connection with FCAI. A scholarship recipient’s event is planned to receive your award and celebrate all scholarship winners.


1. Complete the FCAI Scholarship Application Form, including signatures of the sponsor and the applicant
2. Write a 500-word essay concerning the applicant’s educational objectives and how the following shaped his/her current thinking. Please write about the following (if applicable):
· Involvement in high school activities · Needs-based information · Employment experience
· Community and/or church involvement · Positions of leadership · Plans for the future
· Family background · Honors received
3. The NIPDI/FCAI Board of Directors will screen all applications, select FCAI scholarship recipients, announce winners by April 1 and report all results to the FCAI scholarship applicants and recipients, the media, and the membership of FCAI contractors as determined by the Board.

Download Application Forms

Mail or email (preferred) the Application Form, essay, and photograph (can be digital) unfolded in a 9” x 12” envelope, postmarked no later than February 1, 2023 to:

FCAI Scholarship
1991 W Downer Place
Aurora, IL 60586

Email your applications to pat@fcaofillinois.org

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