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PDCA Standards

Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project - Provided by the American Subcontractors Associations, and the Associated Specialty Contractors

PDCA Industry Standards:

  • Provide the measure by which the quality of wall coating work can be evaluated by the consumer.
  • Protect the contractor by establishing limits on the extent and verifiable uniformity of a project.
  • Protect the consumer by requiring work that is free from defects, deficiencies and significant variations of coating applications.
  • Save contractors time and money when used and referenced in painting work bids and contracts.

The Standards discuss a range of issues that commonly become the subject of misunderstandings, or in extreme cases, contract disputes and provide guidance for both the contractor and the layman concerning how such differences can best be avoided.

All participants in the architectural, engineering, design, construction, and painting & wall-covering industry benefit from the use and circulation of the PDCA Industry Standards. All consumers benefit from the use of PDCA Standards by those they contract with, to provide the best value for their painting and decorating expenditures.

  • PDCA P1
  • Touch-Up Painting and Damage Repair: Financial Responsibility
  • PDCA P2
  • Third Party Inspections: Qualifications, Responsibilities and Procedures
  • PDCA P3
  • Designation of Paint Color
  • PDCA P4
  • Responsibility for Inspection and Acceptance of Surfaces Prior to Painting and Decorating
  • PDCA P5
  • Benchmark Sample Procedures for Paint and Other Decorative Coating Systems
  • PDCA P6
  • Acceptance of Completed Wallcovering Installations
  • PDCA P7
  • Job Sequencing
  • PDCA P8
  • Contracting Entity's Responsibility for Maintenance of Paints and Coatings
  • PDCA P9
  • Definition of Trade Terms
  • PDCA P10
  • Measurement of Surface Area for Estimating Painting and Decorating Work
  • PDCA P11
  • Painter's Caulk, Implied Requirements
  • PDCA P12
  • Levels of Block Filler
  • PDCA P13
  • Inspection and Acceptance of Architectural Paints on the Interior Surfaces of
    Structures When Dry Film Thickness is Specified
  • PDCA P14
  • Levels of Surface Preparation for Repainting and Maintenance Projects Receiving Architectural Coatings
  • PDCA P15
  • Painting of Shop Primed Substrates
  • PDCA P16
  • Wallcovering Removal in Preparation for New Finishes or Wallcovering
  • PDCA P17
  • Field Painting of Smooth Faced Tilt-Up Concrete
  • PDCA P18
  • Recommended Protocol for Documenting Extra Work to a Contract
  • PDCA P19
  • Definition and Application of Decorative Finishes
  • PDCA P20
  • Recommended Protocol for Job Close Out of Painting and Decorating Projects
  • PDCA P21
  • Designation of Stain and Clear Coating on New Interior Wood
  • PDCA P22
  • Cleaning Surfaces Using Pressurized Water
  • PDCA P23
  • Painting and Decorating Contractors Implied Exclusions from Scope of Work
  • PDCA P24
  • Recommended Protocol for Spot Repairing Existing Finishes

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